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Set Up Your Account

The first step is to open a free, online account with Snowfall Press. We will ask for a few pieces of information required to activate an account. Once a publisher agrees to the basic terms and conditions, required fields must be completed, including an email address which will act as the account login and the primary method in which Snowfall communicates with our publishers. Simple.


Upload Your Files

Once logged into the secure account, publishers use a simple user interface to manage their books. This process starts by browsing for PDF files (each book will use both a cover file and a body file) and simply uploading these files into a template used for adjusting files for printing.



Print Your Proof

We strongly suggest a publisher print a proof (an actual book), review the proof, and make changes if needed. Many times it is easier to see typos and/or design flaws in a physical book. Simply select the book, use the ‘print proof’ button and follow the shopping cart/check out procedures. Snowfall Press is under no obligation to reprint books that were not proofed by the publisher.


Save Your Files

Archive the books that have approved by highlighting the proofed book, and ‘save’ it. Publishers can now trust that every time they print this version of the book it will print exactly the same way. If publishers are using ecommerce tools, or retail distribution, their books can be managed and ‘activated’ for multiple distribution channels using this saved book archive in their account.

Start Selling

Whether printing one book at a time or printing hundreds for inventory or distribution; our simple ordering system allows publishers to process orders simply, efficiently, and quickly. Start selling the books archived in the Snowfall Press system!