Publishers have a number of online sales opportunities today. Most of these opportunities fit within two options:

  1. Direct-to-consumer sales through the publisher's own website
  2. Consumer sales through a third party retailer

Connecting your books with consumers


As a technology company, Snowfall Press’ core is to provide technology solutions for publishers to connect with consumers and facilitate a sale that is more efficient and profitable for publishers than other options.

Snowfall eCommerce gateway options:

  1. Snowfall Press API – This option is the most robust option if a publisher already has an eCommerce solution. This advanced program is designed web developers and advanced programmers. This option connects a shopping cart (eCommerce transaction is handled on the website) to the Snowfall Press print network. This is free to install, and orders will be charged a 15% gateway fee plus printing/shipping. The documentation for this solution can be found on our API set up page.
  2. For publishers with eCommerce systems already in place, Snowfall is testing a new option that allows BETA: CSV batch orders to be sent directly to the Snowfall FTP site. Snowfall will process these orders through the order system and print/drop-ship them for the publisher. This could replace the need for API integration with Snowfall Press. This process uses CSV files with specific templates and also carries a 15% gateway fee plus printing/shipping.For more information, please visit our FTP page (coming soon).
  3. Magento:  Magento web and commerce platform users can use pre-programmed connections to Snowfall Press. For publishers still deciding what web/eCommerce platform to use, Snowfall has done all the back end integration with Magento ( Magento was recently purchased by eBay. The documentation for this connection can be found on our Magento set up page.

  4. PayPal Button:  Great solution for 1 to 3 titles.  We will provide html code to put on your website which connects your PayPal account and your Snowfall Press account.  There is a $50 set-up fee and a $1 per ordered book gateway fee to maintain the connection.


Drop Shipping


The Snowfall Print Network offers its publishers the opportunity to ship orders anywhere in the world, directly off press. Simply put the shipping information in the order and select the desired shipping method.

Additional instructions:

  1. Contact Snowfall customer support for final hook up instructions (
  2. Contact Snowfall finance for payment connection ( Snowfall will send an e-invoice at the end of each week, for the books that were printed. This invoice will be automatically deducted from the publisher’s bank account the following week.

For more information and specific instructions, contact support

Note: The API solution is technically demanding and may require extensive knowledge of web development and programming. The Snowfall Print Network has made this API available at no charge, but does not have the ability to do any substantial consulting or programming for publishers. It is the publisher's responsibility to make the required modifications to its own website for integration.