At one of my book signings, a scientist bought a copy of my book. He returned later to tell me he enjoyed it. He said he had recently printed a scientific book he’d written, and was very impressed with the quality. He then explained how easy it was uploading everything at Snowfall Press. I wrote it down, and the next day I ordered a copy of his book. The quality of that book, which he printed at [Snowfall Press], was superior to any of the several printers I had been using. I now use [Snowfall Press] only.
— Author
My first experience was very professional and helpful. The site is very user friendly and the shipping service efficient. I am a new author so having a friend in this business is a plus for me an opportunity to grow with a quickly expanding company and have a relationship that will be long-lasting.
— Author
Just wanted to say “thank you” for helping us get the order through for our project. Everyone was surprised and very pleased to have received the 30 book order on Sunday. We’d expected it to come in on Tuesday. 2-3 days earlier, was amazing!

The print-on-demand quality was great too.

I plan to be calling you with many more projects through our “BookJolt” initiative as the months go on.
— Allan Miller / The Miller Brothers (
I’ve printed my last three books at Snowfall Press, and also have set up my other nine...I print as many as I think I’ll need for a book signing.

Over 10 years I’ve used several SP outfits...none compare with SFP because it only costs for the amount of copies you specify...the author must learn how to upload their three-piece-cover, and the actual manuscript, which is not difficult because their website walks the author through it step-by-step.

I use several different artists to create my book covers...after I supply the ISBN and a detailed idea of what it should look like.

You can pull up their website and hava-look if you’d like to give your readers a heads-up about them...SFP has been so successful that they are now in the process of opening in other countries.
— Rick Magers,
Just want to tell you that I have been TOTALLY pleased with your services so far. You guys do a great job of printing my books and personal growth journals, and I am looking forward to developing more items for you to print for me in the near future. And your production time and shipping is fantastic. I am telling everyone I know about Snowfall Press!!
— Mike Purcell, Speaker, Author, Trainer
I’m fully satisfied with the books’ quality and it looks just great. I’m definitely going to use your service in the US and am looking forward to the same in Europe. I just need some time to set up the Internet shop and sort other things out. I’ll show the books you sent to our other publishers and will try to involve them into the business as well. I expect to start selling our books in the US next month and we’ll begin using your service at that time.
— Andrey Kravchenko, Publisher, Ezdra Publishing House (Ukraine)
If you had ordered this book from an online store, the physical product you are holding did not exist when you pushed the order button. The order would have processed, the credit card charged and then a message would have been sent to the central server at the press, and in a matter of minutes, the book was printing and being packed for shipment.

This is the future of publishing.

The barriers for authors, micro-publishers, and even large publishers are being torn down. On demand printing has come a long way baby, and the communication of thoughts can be generated, and customized like never before.
— Steve Moore, Author, ‘While You Were Micro-Sleeping’
The upload was a piece of cake. Seriously, it’s dummy proof. I haven’t seen the final product yet. It was sent to one of my coworkers so I’m sure I’ll see it soon. He did mention that the interiors looked really clean. Thanks!
— Nadim Najm, Simply Youth Ministry
I just ordered a proof copy of my newly redesigned, reprinted version of Everything I Know About God
I Learned From Football from Snowfall Press. You guys are just too awesome. Anytime you need a testimonial about your company, let me know and I will “paint your wagon” real good!
— Eric Chaffin, 3:14 Ministries, Inc.
One of the axioms of good business is to always be looking for ways to spend less and earn more. At Marcher Lord Press we’d been using another POD printer and had been happy with them. But their costly upload fees prevented us from making corrections to our books as we should or even for trying some new things. When Snowfall came calling, we almost disregarded their offer entirely, we’d been so happy with the other printer. But when they said there were no upload fees and could make as many corrections as we wanted, for free, we started listening. Then when their unit costs were significantly lower than the other printer—in some cases unit costs were half of what we had been paying—we really started paying attention. When I saw that the quality of the books was every bit as good with Snowfall as at the other printer, our list of reasons to keep paying more had gotten very short. Best of all, suddenly we had the ability to dream about trying new things and getting our books into new places—like CBD—that we could never have done at the other printer. Now we’re spending less and earning more. Thank you, Snowfall Press!
— Jeff Gerke, Publisher, Marcher Lord Press
I’d been sending my books to New York to have them printed because printing in Phoenix is so costly. Then a friend of mine found out about Snowfall Press. And the big bonus is that I’m only a couple of miles from [your plant]! I’ve had copies of all my books done with your company and am so pleased that I’ve been passing the word around. Some members of a critique group I belong to have either had printing done through Snowfall or are looking into it. Thanks for doing what you do. My books are now more affordable to me, so I can pass that savings on to my customers. Naturally, they are delighted to get these books for less than others of like quality. I do all my cover illustrations and am happy to see them printed with the same depth of color that I see on my monitor or glossy prints. That wasn’t happening with other printers.
— Anna Marie Burk
As a start up organization with limited resources, we needed to keep our capital focused on developing more product offerings - not in large quantities of inventory gathering dust on the shelves. In the last year, we have successfully published six books and have plans for four more by yearend. The past year has been crazy with the demands of a new business but, with a strong partner like Snowfall, I didn’t ever have to worry about the books getting done right and on time. More than once their dedication to real customer service and fast turn around, has saved us from missing an important event or customer deadline. When people ask who publishes them (and they do!), there is always surprise when I tell them we did. When I tell them what they cost, even for printing just a single copy, they are shocked. Snowfall Press helped us start up on our own terms. One year later, our business is exploding!
— Carin Winghart, No Regrets Men's Ministries
I’ve been printing all of my books at SFP for three years. I have never had better printing, and I enjoy having complete control. I move the printing closer to the edge of the page so the reader does not have to muscle the book open to see the last word near the spine; an aggravation that I have found in many of the books I read.

Once you have followed their instructions you will be able to easily upload your next books and’s like riding a bicycle...once you’ve mastered it you will never forget how to do it.

The cost-per-book plus the shipping is less costly than any of the printers I have used prior to finding Snow Fall Press.

Unlike most Self Publishing outfits, many of which have folded, SFP has been so successful that they are now preparing to open in other countries.

What’s the reason? If you do not want to use their services, which are excellent and reasonably priced, you do not pay for anything except the cost of printing and the shipment of the books you order.

As a new author, or an established author that is tired of agents, editors, publishing moguls, book distributors, etc., dividing the ‘lions share’ of your efforts and leaving you pocket change, then go there today and begin learning how to upload and SAVE your book or books. Once your book(s) is saved in their system all you do each time you need more copies, is click on your book, enter the amount of copies you need and where you want them sent, enter your payment info...Voila! They’re on the way to you.
— Rick Magers,
Every year my team at Chaska Elementary School, in Chaska, Minnesota conducts a poetry contest for third graders. Twice a year, for a number of years, we would take entries, have judges read the work, and then print the winning poems using the school copying machine.

A few years ago, due to budget cutbacks, we had to eliminate the copied collection of poetry by the students. About the same time I heard of Snowfall Press and wondered how much it would cost to create an actual book of the students’ poetry – not just photo copies of their work. After all, the students had worked so hard on the project, it didn’t seem right to not have some printed copies of their collected work.

When my research showed it would be less expensive to print an actual book through Snowfall Press than copy the work on the school copier, I had to see how this would work. Working with each student I formatted the poems, designed each page, created a book cover, and with very little effort uploaded a couple of files and created our first, very real book of poetry.

I was happy. The students and their parents were delighted. We went on to do several other volumes – each time completely happy with the results and very pleased with the quality, cost, and ease of printing with Snowfall Press.
— Joan Wright Chaska Elementary School
Papua New Guinea
Email via High Frequency Radio…

You know, I’m so excited about Snowfall Press and its possibilities for our kind of ministry that I’ve been telling all our co-workers about it.

”We’re tremendously blessed to be a part of a church planting ministry among the isolated Mibu people in the rugged Finisterre Mountains (literally meaning ‘ends of the earth’) of Papua New Guinea (PNG). A new church was born here in early 2006! But the excitement didn’t stop with them coming to know the Lord for the first time! Since then, these new believers have continued deepening in their love for God and their desire to lead godly lives that accord with their restored relationship to him!

Snowfall Press and translations
Among the many tasks we have are translating the bible as well as developing bible teaching; all into the Mibu people’s language. God’s Spirit is powerfully at work, challenging worldviews and changing lives. All this is happening through the use of his words translated, and through lessons that have been developed. We recently began using Snowfall Press as our main source for printing both our Bible lessons and each book of the Bible as it is translated. We’ve been so very pleased with the quality of the books they’ve produced! Snowfall Press has really helped meet the needs of the Mibu Ministry as we aim to get God’s words into the hands of the Mibu people! To check out the Mibu Ministry for yourself, go to

The place where Snowfall Press really will make a difference over typical offset printing people do for the New Testament translations is that Snowfall Press makes it much more cost effective when you’re printing less than several thousand copies…which is most of the people groups we’re working with here in PNG. In fact, I think Snowfall might have enough opportunity to put one of their printing nodes somewhere here in PNG. Not sure what kind of printing demand you need to make it financially viable, but between SIL and NTM and Pioneer Bible Translators I wonder if you wouldn’t have enough of a market right there.

Something to think about.


Words cannot express my appreciation and gratitude for Snowfall Press…for over 6 months I had been trying to find a way to make my book available in a more cost effective way. When I was referred to Snowfall Press…I immediately became excited because the other printing companies had made it somewhat difficult for me to get my book into their database. From the first day I talked to Mr. Chaz Nichols he made me feel like he was really concerned about what I was trying to do and began to help me then he referred me to Mrs. Sarah O’Neal , which was another blessing. She was able to put my cover together and make it print ready. I was a little nervous because I wanted not only the price to be good, but the quality as well. I received my print book 2 days ago and my heart was so overwhelmed, it was awesome. Not only did the book meet my expectation, but it exceeded my expectations. Snowfall Press was an answer to my prayer. Thank you Snowfall for what you do for authors and may God continue to richly bless your company.
— Kimberly Bosket
…I’m writing from Lima where we arrived last night with the Ticuna Bibles…the Ticuna language is the mother tongue for some 50,000 people living along 600 miles of the Amazon River in the 3 countries of Peru, Colombia and Brazil which involves 2 national languages in addition to the Ticuna language. The Peru/Colombia and Brazil versions of the New Testament were dedicated in 1987 and have
gone through two reprints since then. The Peru/Colombia version of the Old Testament selected portions (40%) was dedicated in 2007 and the dedication on the Brazil version took place in May 2009. And now, thanks to…you, we have both the NT and the OT selected portions in one book.

The Ticunas have their own Bible Institute…and we’re now planning to give each of the graduates of next year’s cycle one of the Ticuna Bibles you have so wonderfully made available. Blessings on you and the work there at Snowfall Press…
— Lambert Anderson
I knew it! This is the type of service that I know you can deliver. I have always been VERY impressed with the service that Snowfall Press provides to us and the team…. Wow! It surpasses any expectation. I am always glad to work with you…. excellent client service.
— Federico Atristain
Snowfall Press is a shining example of the application of Lean thinking in order to increase value to the customer. Using their processes, we have dramatically increased the quality of our own training products while cutting time-to-market and cost. This Lean approach is is exactly what we teach our own software development customers. We couldn’t be happier.
— James R Trott, Senior Consultant, Net Objectives, Inc.
The book…came this weekend. It is excellently done and just perfect. Your printing from Snowfall Press is exactly what I have sought for ten years. I am even thanking the Homewood, Alabama, printer for
recommending your organization! I shall continue to appreciate your work and efforts to assist this amateur in starting the correct way. How wonderful that your company can assist creative people who, sometimes, have no hope of finding a printing company for their works!
— Sincerely, LACAskew
The book is awesome! Your work exceeds all expectations - we are looking forward to utilizing Snowfall Press for future book publications.
— Ted Draper, Director, Avant Ministries
I work as a missionary in Papua New Guinea and have had translated scriptures portions printed. I am very impressed by the quality and durability of the books. I heard about you through another missionary friend and am letting everyone know about Snowfall Press.
— Missionary
I’ve been very happy with your service, and your business model is awesome! I love the way I can upload a book any time, change it whenever I want with no fee, and order books from anywhere, any time. Plus, your prices are great!! Keep up the great work.
— Author
I am actually the President of the Arizona Chapter of NSA. Thanks for reaching out. I was referred to Snowfall Press by another speaker in our Chapter, Vickie Mullins. My experience with Snowfall Press has been flawless. I really appreciate the ease of processes, the online access, speed of delivery and the ability to pick up my proofs or orders right here in town. I am looking into some of your other services for promoting my books and have told others about your services.
— Susan Ratliff, The Exhibit Expert, Speaker, Author, Consultant, Event Producer
I just ordered a proof for my author and I ordered one for myself last night. This is great. I once wrote a blog post about how to self publish a book for almost nothing. After coming in contact with your company…I have to revise that article. You guys are the cheapest way to go. If your product is equal in quality with what Lulu and Lightning Source produce, I will be singing your praises across the world. I write a regular column on Self Publishing in Christian Fiction Online Magazine, in addition to personal blogging. I personally see how your company could have saved me literally thousands of dollars and a lot of hassle with books I bought to take advantage of what I thought was the best price on market. Those prices for buying 100 copies don’t even compare with your one book price. Your company precludes the need to warehouse. I can do personal POD business with your company - reaping the profits that Amazon or somebody would siphon off. This is fantastic!!!
— Donald James Parker, Sword of the Spirit Publishing
Snowfall takes the sweat out of printing books. No 7-10 days of waiting to see if a book’s files are
approved by the printer. No fees for swapping/updating interior or cover files if you find that elusive typo. With Snowfall, you simply upload the original or updated interior or cover file, and the book is available for printing instantly! Books are printed in 2-3 business days, and shipped in 3-5 days. These features cut OakTara’s time of delivery to our customers by more than half, so we’re able to take advantage of more sales opportunities. And, to sweeten the deal, Snowfall’s staffers are energetic, efficient, helpful, and provide a fast-turnaround on queries and technical issues (there’s nothing more wonderful than speaking to a real-live person). Printing just doesn’t get any better than this.
— Ramona Tucker, Cofounder and Editorial Director, OakTara
I have placed three orders for my first book with Snowfall Press and have received two of them. The other is still pending. So far, I am very impressed with the quality of your printing and with how easy you’ve made it for me to do my business. So many companies set their business processes up for their own convenience at the expense of the customers’ convenience. You, on the other hand, have
made it a pleasure to do business with you. Good work.
— Jack Dale
I’m thrilled with Snowfall Press. The service is excellent and the printing quality is exceptional. I’m anxious to hear about new ventures that could gain more exposure for Grow Old With Me. Thanks for helping me make a dream come true. Snowfall gave me the ability to put my book on the market at an affordable price. It’s wonderful to get emails saying my novel touched a life. POD and micro-publication provided opportunities I wouldn’t have with the traditional publishing model.
— Melinda Evaul-Author and Publisher, Winding Road Ink
w Sound Media printed our first order with Snowfall in May 2011. As of yearend 60 orders have been placed with over 1700 total books printed of 5 titles. Thank you for providing your POD system with excellent service.

Key benefits we have used are:
· Uploading and changing the page positioning, cover and contents on line.
· Quick turnaround: Average 3-4 days from submission to shipping.
· Availability of Priority Mail shipping (2-3 day) deliver at costs less than UPS ground.
· Minimal money tied up in inventory.

New Sound’s ability to publish 5 new books this year is a result of your system allows us to order 10 or 100 at the same price. Thank you.
— Paul Crawford, New Sound Media Publishing

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