Cost is a key component of any print job, and although it is important to count the simple production cost, it is also very important to weigh the other variables that make up ‘costs’ for a publisher.

Unique lack of fees - Snowfall Press is unique because we only charge for work that we actually do. We don’t upload files, or manage accounts, or make changes to files…so we don’t charge for that.

• We offer free accounts.
• We don’t charge any hidden fees.
• We don’t charge for set up.
• We don’t charge for changes.
• We don’t charge for make ready.
• We don’t charge for prepress.
• We print books at the closest print location to the end user.


Fully Burdened Cost - Here are some of the questions publishers are asking us to help with:

1. How can you help us save on freight?
2. How can you help us save on warehousing?
3. How can you help us save on inventory costs?
4. How can you help us get our books to the consumer quicker?
5. How can you help us eliminate obsolescence and waste?

By utilizing distributive printing, freight costs are lower (shorter distance to travel) and the orders take less time to arrive. Virtual inventory eliminates damaged physical inventory and costly waste if/when there are changes that need to be made to a book.

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