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Business Tools

Streamline your operations with solutions tailor-made for publishing and distribution

Bulk Ordering with CSV

Snowfall Press has unique and powerful tools that allow our customers to upload a single CSV file which generates multiple, individual orders in a matter of minutes.  Current examples include organizations that distribute quarterly periodicals globally, or distribute school curriculum nationally to hundreds, even up to thousands of unique, individual destinations with a single, bulk order file.  Packages are drop-shipped directly to your customers with branded packaging, as long as your logo and return information are updated in your account.

All individual orders will appear in the Orders section of your account for detailed, individual order information.  


Contact us directly to see how this feature can be incorporated into your organization’s order fulfillment needs.


Inventory Management Solutions

Snowfall Press excels as a high quality, standardized, automated solution for book printing.  Many customers come back consistently over an extended period of time to provide solutions for their customers.  One of our key foundational values and areas of expertise is to provide the efficient, logistical distribution of books from single orders to thousands.

The process includes printing an agreed upon number of your book titles that we store on-hand at our location to be used for immediate order fulfillment.  Based on forecasted demand, inventory will be replenished at specifically designated re-ordering point(s) that ensure that you maintain timely fulfillment of orders.

Contact us to see how a partnership with Snowfall Press can help you manage higher volumes and distribution in a more timely, profitable manner to grow your business.

Our expertise allows us to:

  • Analyze historical data to help you forecast future demand.

  • Identify and initiate order management in a timely manner to help you meet your customers needs more efficiently.

  • Provide you with flexibility to quickly respond to your customers' changing needs in a timely manner.

  • Efficiently manage a high volume of orders with quicker turn-around in order to meet on-going or growing demand.

Service Provider Management

Another component that makes Snowfall Press unique is the custom software infrastructure on which we exist.  This software provides us with tools to manage equipment from various manufacturers, securely receive and hold tens of thousands of book body and cover files, receive orders from multiple channels simultaneously, and fulfill orders on demand or from inventory in our warehouse.  Many of these tools are available for our customers on a limited basis to help you grow and manage your book printing business.


Contact us to find out more about how a partnership with Snowfall Press can help you achieve your goals.


Have any Questions?

Contact Snowfall Press to find out how our business tools could improve your business.

The ability to generate hundreds, or even thousands of individual orders from a single file for order fulfillment and distribution.


Significantly reduce the time-to-fulfillment by eliminating the printing time since we can fulfill from on-hand inventory


Potential for cost-saving measures based on volume that are passed along to you, the customer


Other Advantages Include:

Export multiple orders from your existing order management system to help automate and streamline the ordering process


Distribute periodicals to your subscription base in an efficient and timely manner.


Drop-ship multiple individual orders directly to your customers with a single file.


With Bulk Ordering You Can:

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