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High-Velocity Drop Shipping


A smart solution to meet high-velocity demand

Snowfall Press excels as a high-quality, automated solution for book printing. One of our key foundational values and areas of expertise is to provide the efficient, logistical distribution of books from single orders to thousands.

The process includes printing an agreed-upon number of your book titles that we store on hand at our location to be used for immediate order fulfillment. Based on forecasted demand, inventory will be replenished at specifically designated re-ordering point(s) that ensure that you maintain timely fulfillment of orders.

Contact us to see how a partnership with Snowfall Press can help you manage higher volumes and distribution in a more timely, profitable manner to grow your business.

With High Velocity Drop Shipping:

Potential for volume-based, cost-saving measures are passed along to you, the customer.



You can significantly reduce the time-to-fulfillment by using on-hand inventory, eliminating printing time.

Ready to Get Started?

How is this different from
traditional fulfillment?

Our high-velocity drop shipping process provides you with the flexibility to quickly respond to your customers' changing needs on time. We efficiently manage your high-volume orders to meet ongoing or growing demand. To do this, we:

  • Analyze historical data to help you forecast future demand.

  • Identify and initiate order management promptly to help you meet your customers' needs more efficiently.

Have a high volume of orders? No need to worry, we will fulfill from inventory collected at our Houston facility. This allows us to print and ship as the needs of your customers grow and change.

Have any Questions?

Contact Snowfall Press to find out how micro-inventory could improve your business.

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