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White 60# 

With industry-standard thickness, 60# White paper is a popular option for black & white interior books.


Cream 50#

The same thickness as 60# White, 50# Cream paper offers an alternate color option for black & white interior books.


White 40# Thin Paper

Thinner than its 60# White and 50# Cream counterparts, 40# White paper is a great choice for books reaching 500 or more pages. This paper helps avoid thick spines and saves on weight.


Binding Options

Paper Options - Black & White Interior

Cover Options

Note: all covers include full color by default

Paper Options - Color Interior

Perfect Binding

A popular and precise binding method, perfect binding features a stack of interior pages glued to a heavyweight cover sheet. An all-purpose solution for most books.

Coil Binding

Coil binding offers a lay-flat option great for writing in or any hands-free application. A plastic coil holds a stack of hole-punched pages together.

Laminate Cover

Available with any interior paper type, laminate covers feature a reflective, smooth finish.

Matte Cover

Available with any interior paper type, matte covers do not reflect light and hide scratches easily.

Glossy 70# Coated

Coated paper offers a thick, smooth feel that is excellent for displaying full-color images. Choose glossy paper for added shine on the page.


Matte 70# Coated

Matte paper is also coated but does not have a shiny appearance like glossy paper.


Glossy 80# Coated

The thickest of the paper options from Snowfall Press, 80# Coated "Art Book" paper offers the highest viewing quality for color

interior books. 


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